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Rise Kujikawa was making her way to school. Although she was suppose to fill her thought with maths since the first period will be maths and the teacher is going to go with the horrible triangles , her mind seems to be drifting off , remembering the incident that happen yesterday at the tofu shop.

When she reminisces back , she realizes that the detective prince has a really fair skin . She also notice that he was a bit short for a guy his age . He was the same height as she was when they meet yesterday.

" What am I doing ? i shouldn't be thinking about other guys when I already have Souji-senpai !" said Rise to herself while trying to remove the thought of a certain bluenette .

" yo , Rise ! What's up ?" it was Chie-senpai and Rise also notice the familiar faces of the Detective Boys club behind Chie –senpai . It was Yukiko-
senpai , Yosuke-senpai and the cause of all her adoration , the famous Souji Seeta .

" Ohayo" said Souji .

"Good morning, senpai !!" reply Rise happily . Indeed having Souji senpai talking to her did make her day .

" You seem to be in a deep thought just now . What's up ?" ask Yosuke

" It's nothing" answered Rise .She couldn't tell them . Not when there's Souji-senpai there.

" Gee Yosuke don't copy my line ! It was me who ask her that first !"said Chie

" Oh come on , why did it has always to be you? Besides she doesn't seem to mind!" said Yosuke

" Let's ignore them" said Yukiko

And the two continue to bicker at each other without even realizing that the others had already far in front of them.
In the class , Rise still couldn't stop thinking of the detective prince .He was just some famous detective right ? Wait ..does that mean she's becoming his fan ? Rise sigh ...

" All right class , today we'll have a new student in the class." Said the teacher . Rise didn't even notice when did the teacher enter . She really need to concentrate . Wait... Did he say new student ?

"He's from the big city and I'm sure all of you knew him since he's pretty popular in the news lately . I hope all of you will get along with him ." said the teacher while signalling the student who was standing outside to come in .

Rise eyes went wide as she notice the familiar looking hat and his silky dark blue hair .

" I'm Shirogane Naoto . Nice to meet you " He said .

Whisper can be hear from the girls in the class . Indeed Naoto was consider as one of the coolest guy in the weekly fashion magazine and and he was so mysterious that the magazine can only wrote a little about him .

"Shirogane-kun, your seat will be next to Kujikawa over here."

Rise snapped out of her daze, sitting bolt upright as Naoto made his way down the aisles, taking a seat right beside her.
He stared at her coldly for a minute, before he sighed and stretched out a hand. "It's…nice to meet you, Kujikawa-san. I hope we get along this year."

The redhead blushed as she took the boy's hand. "S-same here…"

Whispers and snickers erupted around the classroom as the students witnessed this exchange. Surely, rumors of the Detective Prince and Risette were sure to be floating around next day.

"Now, now. Settle down, class. Since all the excitement is over, let's get back to math. I'm sure you all love triangles, right?" The teacher turned back to the board, getting on with his lesson.

A collective groan echoed through the classroom and all those prying eyes turned to the front. Rise let out a small sigh of relief, but her heart was still pounding in her chest. She could still feel Naoto's touch, warm on her hand. Wait , what is she thinking ? no , she should stop this . She was suppose to think about Souji-senpai!

The redhead glanced at the blunette again, catching a glimpse of his perfectly chiselled face, his serious expression. Naoto realized this and look at her which causes Rise to blush and cover her face with her textbook .

The lunch bell rang and a flock of students gathered around Naoto's desk, questions flying every which way. Rise winced as she pushed her way out of the crowd. Standing well away from the mob, the redhead crossed her arms, pouting slightly. Sure, she wanted to get out of the spotlight, but this kind of treatment wasn't right.

"Mou…some Detective Prince is going to come and steal my fame…"

"My apologies about that, Kujikawa-san, but it's not like I asked for this type of popularity."

"Ah!" Rise turned, coming face to face with Naoto. She glanced at the mob, still fighting over the empty seat. "S-since when did you?" She blushed,
embarrassed that he had heard her mumblings.

"Never mind that, but I have some important matters to attend to, so if you'll excuse me." He sauntered off, adjusting his hat.

Again, Rise sighed, annoyed at herself for being so inarticulate, so stupid. Without another thought, she shoved her embarrassment to the side, grabbing her bento as she made her way to her senpai's class .

Rise sigh again . Souji senpai was busy with basketball since the tournament will be held soon . Maybe she should eat the bento alone . The others were in the same boat as Souji-senpai as well. Oh well. She can't do anything about it .

She made her way up the double flights of stairs, her curls bouncing along with her every step. Opening the door, she could feel the warm air on her face, caressing the nape of her neck. "Ahh…what nice weather today…"


TO be continued


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